Bulldozer doing grading at mini storage construction site.




At Dirt Ops, we’re in the thick of the action, grading and developing the site for High Line Storage in Concord, NC. We’re not just moving dirt; we’re sculpting the land for optimal stormwater management, ensuring every slope and contour works in harmony with nature. Our team is connecting all underground public utilities, laying the groundwork for a fully operational site. From start to finish, we’re preparing this site for public use with precision and efficiency. At Dirt Ops, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle challenges head-on, devising solutions on the fly with minimal input from our clients. We know the mission, and we execute with military precision, ensuring every aspect of the project is handled seamlessly and efficiently.


At Dirt Ops, we’re deep into the site preparation for High Line Storage in Concord, NC, executing with precision and expertise. Right now, we’re cutting out a hill on the side of the lot, reshaping the terrain to fit the needs of the project. Simultaneously, we’re constructing retention ponds designed to collect stormwater runoff and prevent erosion, ensuring the land remains stable and sustainable. This dual operation is a testament to our ability to multitask and manage complex site work with military efficiency.

Our team at Dirt Ops prides itself on being experts in the field. From the moment we break ground, we implement a strategic plan crafted to ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently. We anticipate challenges and devise solutions on the fly, reducing the need for constant client input. This approach not only streamlines the process but also minimizes disruptions, making the entire experience as painless as possible for our clients.

We understand that our clients trust us to handle the heavy lifting. Our commitment to excellence means we handle every detail with precision, from grading and stormwater management to connecting underground utilities. At Dirt Ops, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them, delivering a site that is ready for the next phase of development without the usual headaches and holdups. We execute our mission with the discipline and dedication of a well-trained military unit, ensuring the success of every project we undertake.


At Dirt Ops, we’re advancing to the next critical phase of the High Line Storage project in Concord, NC. With the grading well underway, our focus has now shifted to the meticulous task of burying underground pipes for public utility connections. This stage is vital, ensuring that the infrastructure beneath the surface is as robust and reliable as the structures that will rise above it.

Our team at Dirt Ops is certified and highly knowledgeable in public utilities connections for land development and site work. We don’t just follow standards; we set them. Our expertise ensures that every pipe laid and every connection made meets stringent regulations and performs flawlessly. We operate with the precision and discipline of a military unit, knowing that the success of the entire project hinges on the foundational work we perform now.

From the outset, we strategize and plan every move, anticipating challenges and crafting solutions that require minimal input from our clients. Our clients trust us to handle these complexities, and we deliver by executing our tasks with unparalleled efficiency and expertise. At Dirt Ops, we ensure that every aspect of the site development, from grading to utilities, is handled with the highest level of professionalism, paving the way for a successful project completion.


At Dirt Ops, we’re in the thick of preparing the site for High Line Storage in Concord, NC. We’re continuing our grading and land development operations with precision, getting the site ready for the crucial next step: laying the foundation. Our team is meticulously smoothing out the cut made from the land, ensuring a stable and even surface that will support the upcoming construction phases.

At this stage, our focus is on perfecting the groundwork, shaping the terrain to meet the exact specifications required for a solid foundation. Every inch of soil is moved with purpose, every grade calculated to support the structural integrity of the facility. We understand that the foundation is the backbone of the project, and we approach this task with the discipline and accuracy of a military operation.

What sets Dirt Ops apart is our ability to operate independently and effectively. We don’t require constant supervision or management. From the moment we start a project, we develop a strategic plan that is both effective and efficient, allowing us to execute our tasks with minimal input from the client. This autonomy ensures that the project progresses smoothly and on schedule, making the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients. At Dirt Ops, we take pride in our ability to deliver excellence through disciplined execution and unwavering commitment to our mission.


At Dirt Ops, we’re deep into the mission of preparing the site for High Line Storage in Concord, NC. Right now, our focus is on grading around the foundation that is being laid. Precision and attention to detail are paramount as we sculpt the land to support the structure, ensuring a stable and secure base for the facility. Every move we make is calculated to perfection, setting the stage for the next phases of construction.

Our proficiency extends beyond just moving dirt; we excel in coordinating with other contractors on-site. This stage of the project requires seamless collaboration to ensure that our grading efforts align perfectly with the work being done on the foundation. We operate with military precision, integrating our tasks with those of other teams to maintain a smooth and efficient workflow. Our ability to work harmoniously with other contractors minimizes delays and disruptions, facilitating a seamless construction experience for all parties involved.

At Dirt Ops, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and operate efficiently in dynamic environments. We don’t just follow a plan; we anticipate needs and adjust our strategies to ensure the project progresses smoothly. Our commitment to excellence and our disciplined approach means that we require minimal supervision, allowing the entire team to focus on delivering a top-tier project. With Dirt Ops on the ground, our clients can rest assured that their site work is being handled by professionals who are dedicated to achieving mission success with precision and efficiency.





Our seasoned staff, battle-tested over countless assignments, possess the capability to navigate and conquer the challenges of any terrain from commencement to completion, with no reliance on external guidance or assistance.


Dirt Ops emerges from a storied pedigree of stormwater management, having cut its teeth in the crucible of this critical discipline. We understand the terrain management needed to channel stormwater properly.


Broadcasting critical intel on our capabilities in land development. Dirt Ops, possesses the strategic competence to seamlessly develop land for connection to public utilities.


Dirt Ops stands as a seasoned veteran in siteworks, boasting decades of operational excellence. Our journey commenced on the front lines, executing precision grading and stormwater management for highways and parking lots, laying the foundation for our ascent to larger and more intricate assignments.

Embedded within the core of Dirt Ops is a familial bond, a cohesive unit that has weathered the trials of time together. Every operation undertaken by Dirt Ops is a manifestation of unwavering pride and meticulous care, a testament to our commitment to excellence in every bucket’s strike and every contour reshaped. Our legacy is etched in the landscapes we've transformed, from humble beginnings to the grandeur of monumental projects.

As a tightly-knit family unit, Dirt Ops places communication at the forefront of our strategy. Our lines of communication are clear and open, ensuring seamless coordination with allies on the construction front. Flexibility is our hallmark; just as the battlefield demands swift adaptation, Dirt Ops adjusts its approach with finesse, accommodating changes on the job site with the precision of a well-drilled platoon.

Dirt Ops stands as a beacon of reliability and adaptability, a force that not only reshapes terrains but also redefines the standards of quality in land development. We march forward, our commitment unwavering, as we continue to carve our legacy into the earth we transform.